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Aug. 28th, 2007

Pigeon Flower

I went to drop my my ma and gramma off at the airport in DFW area and such. I always notice that towards the end of the road trip small or big i start getting giddy and laughing too much. Anyway I was checking the Sunday paper and noticed the middle advertisments and
 I REALLY want this stuff from world market.
AND!mhmm! So I need to start gathering a lot of the stuff I've let borrow over the months like vinyls and cd's, movies and stuff, also returning the same and cash. Though to my knowledge I think I just owe Ashley like 20. Geez I bought this bra from VS and its really awesome its all soft and unlined. Well usually I like to buy one with a lil tiny bit of padding so it doesnt show my nipples when I get cold and stuff. Well it's not doing its job of keeping the Nips discreet. :( its still comfy and somewhat sexy or I'd like to think. Currently I am fucking stuck on this part of Lament of Innocence castlevania. I have to swing over and latch on to this balcony and for some odd reason I can't seem to do it. Either way I guess I stop babbling! I changed my cell...again and probably will again in Oct for local 937 area code. so for now if needed let me know if you need my new number.

May. 2nd, 2007

Worrying about someone you care about is SHIT!

Seriously I'm so fucked in the head right now. Darryl and I both decided to take naps at like 7pm yesterday and i havent heard from him since. I don't if he's still sleeping, recording, not wanting to talk to me, or working. For 2 people that talk like 10 hours a day this is a lot! I'm hoping his mom didn't kick him out. I withdrew 300 for an emergency road trip I dont think I have seriously ever been this mind fucked and been conscience of it. I hope he gets back to whatever it is he is doing or someone at his house answers his phone. ACK!!!!! I've called like 5 times now

Apr. 24th, 2007

Plans and life.

At this current exact moment I have no complaints other than lack of sleep lately. Otherwise I have a final tomorrow essays all next week. I take off to Ohio on June 25th who knows if I'll come back. I have to fix my car up make sure its in tip top shape for driving there. I think gas will suck but I'll have transit. I also have to pay off 2 tickets that are pretty massive. Renew my license so I don't have warrants out for my arrest. Take 45 dollars for the JUST IN CASIES.Things are looking up quite a bit. Darryl talked to his mom seriously about me, im pretty stoked. Here is hot shot my of my loverLOVER I'm getting 2 more tattoos on my birthday. I have to go throw money at Jon its gonna be around 400 for both which isnt too terribly bad. i'll be getting a drum set pretty fucking soon. my music collection is massive and impressive.the only thing i see as an issue is the wedding dress and having to give 300 to help my sister with money, i might just tell her im only going to give her like 100. Well for now I think thats a good enough update.

Apr. 18th, 2007

Im pretty fucking happy

So monday i went with chuck to the 1349, Nachtmystium show. Spent about 160 on merch 4 vinyls 6 cd's.
Im still waiting on the order from Southern Lord. I got to talk to Blake from Nacht. apparently he has about 15 twilight shirts at home. so im gonna head to battle komand to order my shirt. he was really nice. goatwhore was ass.. ASS! any everything is fantastic im happy and things are pretty swell. FUCK YES!

Apr. 12th, 2007

R.I.P. Kurt Vonnegut 1922-2007

May the one of the best novelist of out day rest well he will be remember the satirical man 
Kurt Vonnegut age 84

Apr. 11th, 2007

dont fall asleep

So yeah
Dont fall asleep-Swallow the sun

Don’t fall asleep
To the weeping of the birds
Don’t fall asleep
In this room of the fallen

Don’t fall asleep
To the breathing of the walls
Don’t fall asleep
In this room of loss
Don’t fall asleep
In the arms of dead air
Don’t fall asleep
In this symphony of the damned

“Time stands still in this chamber of pain
The clock stops and the horror comes
The children cry and weep
In this room of the unforgiven
Lie down because you’ll never leave
Lie down, but don’t fall asleep”

The signs show slowly with the dark
They glow brighter as the shadows grow deeper

Blood marks on the walls and the ceiling and on the floor and the doors, oh how they flow!

Little voices like the whining of the birds

As the closet door opens

I still can hear them screaming
And the shape… Is it me on the piano?

Playing the symphony of the damned

Mar. 21st, 2007


Once again I had to say goodbye to lover, best femme friend and her rockin' lover. The trip wasn't x-core eventful. I got to hangout with amanda a lot more so thats good. I missed my parents though and the kiddos. Caleb flies in for part of the summer on April 25th. I currently at the Sunport. I don't quite know what to feel, I miss my lad, and friends but also home. Bleh Im at the Albuquerque airport i depart in about 30 mins i should go. bye

Mar. 16th, 2007

Soundtrack of your life

So yeah I first did this lil quiz in grade 9? when ashley handed it to me, From then on I like to do them about twice a year. You should do it too, its there for those crazed music lovers :D-Vero

Opening credits: American Wheeze-16 HP
Waking up: The Lord God Bird-Sufjan Stevens
Average day: Spin the Black Circle-PJ
First date: Worlds Collide-Callisto
Falling in love: Un poco Mas- Lila Downs
Love scene: Trains-Porcupine Tree
Fight scene: Regresando Odio-Asesino
Breaking up: To Bid you Farewell-Opeth
Getting back together: The Moor-Opeth
Secret love: Goddess of Sodomy-Dark Funeral
Life's okay: Bells Aloud-Castanets
Mental breakdown: The Alchemist's Dream-Behemoth
Driving: Our Fortress is Burning II-Bloodbirds
Learning a lesson: Emmanuel-Aeon Spoke
Deep thought: Planet Caravan-Black Sabbath
Flashback: Mo Murda-BTNH
Partying: Paranoiattack-The Faint
Happy dance: Rhythm is a Dancer-Snap!
Regreting: Till Fjalls-Vintersorg
Long night alone: Gotta have You-The Weepies
Death scene: All Fires-Swan Lake
Closing credits: Watermelon in Eastern Hay-Frank Zappa

Mar. 1st, 2007

Couver time

Well it's time for Vancouver again. I take off umm this sunday and arrive like LATE tuesday night. Amanda is hopefully suppose to come get me at fucking 2:15 am from the bus station. Anyway I'm taking a bus again to canada im actually quite looking forward to it. I haven't even begun to pack or wash clothing and I really should. I've been working long crazy shifts so I won't be COMPLETELY broke when I go. I get to see UH-MAN-DAGE! yayz, and hopefully morgans punkass if he decides to come while im there. HINT *wink*. My car is still in the abyss I haven't gotten it from the shop yet.
Theres going to be more of this kind of lovin' parading around Van-city

Anyway anyone up for hanging while I'm up there call me 
As of now im booked for 2 entropia shows and one Dio FUCK YES. if you wanna come with let me know all 4 of you who are reading this. anyway toodles and foodles.

Oh and look at this LOVELY ladylion

Feb. 27th, 2007

Godless Faith

So the abyss is literally raping me in my ass and there I am bending over. Anyway my car is only going to cost 300 roundbout to fix the radiator hoses, and that doesnt include the headlights, locks, and the giant hole my sister made on the door. Either way I think im heading back to van sunday night/monday morning 2:15 am. Im really sad my beau left I miss him tons. oh well ill see him next week. well thats all for now. toodles.

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